Civil Estimating Solutions provides a unique, support service to construction contractors of all sizes and caliber’s Australia wide. We offer estimates in the construction industry with a high level of accuracy, efficiency, fast turn around time and reliability. All of this equates to profitability for our clients.

Our services can be utilised on a project to project basis which allows for flexibility without lock-in contracts and ongoing staff costs. This contributes to improved profit margins for our clients. We provide solutions tailored to the individual companies requirements facilitated by their briefing.

With over twenty years experience in the industry and countless successful projects, we are confident in our knowledge, skills, and ability to work successfully alongside all organisations.

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Our Services

– Commercial Estimating
– Mining Civil Estimating
– Industrial Estimating
– Scheduling and Programming
– Project Management
– Contract Administration

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We’re characterized by some unique traits:


Service available on demand, as you need and see fit to suit your business needs


We keep abreast of the industry innovations to provide cost savings solutions to our clients


Working closely together to build a long lasting relationship with all our clients

Industry Experts

From small to large contractors, we continuously assist our clients with their requirements and have helped them solve some of their biggest challenges when it comes to civil estimating.

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As our services are offered on a national scale around Australia. One asset that we pride ourselves in is our adaptability in assisting all types of business with their civil estimation and costing requirements. We have acknowledged that for us and our clients to grow we need to be strong with our adaptability to all facets of the industry.

Supreme Confidentiality

We believe in trust and integrity. All the data that we work with is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. All our of team members are under strict agreements to ensure your personal data does not meet the wrong hands.

Productive Rapport

We believe that if we are to meet our clients’ needs then we must focus on building strong mutually rewarding relationships. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with all our clients and suppliers in the most efficient and informing way which means you as a client are always kept updated on our progress.

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Who Are We?What Services Do We Provide?Why Civil Construction Estimating Solutions?

We are one of the leading companies in the matters of civil construction. We believe in providing timely solution to our clients who has been in need. From tackling the common man in getting rid of the problems regarding the civil work to the real estate developers we provide attention to each and every client. We also help the real estate developer in getting knowledge of the tenders. Also we help them in getting the skills of new and modernized researches that help them in developing new projects.
We also help you in getting the knowledge of the construction by providing our own skilled and experienced people. These people will help you in taking the overall decision. We also provide in the estimation of civil services all through Australia by helping the contractors in getting the detailing value of the construction work. One of our most important aspects of civil engineering is that we provide first priority to our clients. Our foremost aim is to provide our clients in getting benefits from the costs of having or constructing a house. It has been found that many times clients do not want to get in the long term contracts. All we did to them at that time is to provide them the package system so that they can choose things according to their own and also get our aid at any time. If you have a startup company in Australia then also we welcome you to get our assistance. Our area of solution will help you in getting all the things done neatly so that you can enjoy the benefits all through your life.
Our focus is also providing you the thing in a timely manner. We do not want to make you take stress or spending more money on other things rather than us. The qualities we provide to you in the civil construction are of the top quality. Not only that we also help you in protecting your privacy by keeping your data safe from the other. Our trained member will help you in the privacy of your data.We believe in transparency. Our main motto is to help the common people by making our workers feel the need of being honest in their respective works. To pro0vide the better quality all we need is to train our clients to achieve the best. To us clients are more important and that is why we are the best.

1. Civil Estimating:
Cost-Estimating Services:
If you are in the service of civil construction as an engineer or a developer and looking for working in the sector of estimation that is not known to you we provide all the detailing information that will help you in getting the things done at ease. The estimations that provided by us are all well researched and has been categorized according to the different locations of Australia. It has been made so that you can earn the most.
Setting up an Electrical Estimating System:
Getting the perfect estimation in the construction site is really a tough job. But do not you have to worry for this. We are here to help you. We will provide you a tool from which you will get the actual estimation that has been your requirement. This software will help you in getting the things done easily and also in providing you the accurate cost so that you can run the business without any trouble.
2. Project Management:
Many people think that if the project has been taken then there is no way left out to revise the cost. But this is not the fact. The fact is that we will help you in assisting the things after you take up the job. Our experts are there to help you out from the problems that you are facing at the present. Our management team will help you in getting over the problems without any tension.
3. Drafting:
Whenever you take different types of projects we assist you in giving you the right information and drawings of the civil construction. If you have a business in the civil work then also we will help you in getting the things done at ease. We have solutions to provide for your construction of simple housing projects, shopping malls, complexes, luxurious projects and many other things that has been categorised in the civil work. If you provide us the opportunity to help you by our group of experts then we will do our best. But if you only provide us to handle a single thing then also we will help you. Our works are very neat and clean as we always take care of our clients. Our experts are renowned all over the globe and also in Australia.
4. civil Engineering Services:
We are one of the leading civil estimating companies out there in the market. Our team comprises of the event grades who will help you in getting relief from the stresses of the civil works. If you have any query regarding any estimating civil work we will surely help you. Our team members are always there to help you in getting rid of the problems regarding any problem.
5. Hiring Labour:
Estimating the civil work is what people known for us. But we also help our clients in getting the labor for the work. Suppose any of your workers is absent and you have to do the work that day. All you can do is to ask for our help. We will provide you the worker according to the work. Get your job done at ease. Not only that we also help you in getting skilled labors from the market. It really becomes tough to get a skilled labor from the market. All we do is to help you in getting a skilled labor that will help you in your projects. According to your criteria of helper, we will find you the best so that you do not have to face any problem in the future. This may take time but at the end of the day, you will be pleased to have the work that really has been the need for you. We also help you in getting the worker selected.
We know that in constructing a house tensions have to be taken. You do not take the tension by yourself. Now all your tension is ours. All you do is to get to us. From estimating the civil work to provide all the things that have been necessary all will be guided to you by us. We not only estimate the civil work. In another way, we are your benevolent. If you want to get the skilled labor.we are ready to help you out with the problems. We also help you in estimating the actual costs of the work that you are handling at the present. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to make a contract to get the help. Our services are flexible and we take pleasure in helping you. From the contractors to the common man the service is the same everywhere.

Businesses who believe in efficient services provide a place to us in the market. Our place in the market of Australia in the civil construction estimating work has been in the foremost position. Our service varies from estimating civil works to project management. The reasons for choosing us are listed:
1. Valuable Expertise:
We have 40 years of experience in this field and have been helping the people and the contractors in getting the things done at ease. Our civil estimation and guidance to the civil sector make us stand in the topmost position than the others. Our works have satisfied the clients satisfied and that is why we are in demand.
2. Flexibility:
Our business strategy is somewhat different from the others. We would like to help the common man and the civil constructor by various means. We have flexible packages for both of them. Also, we have project plans that our clients depend that whether they want to take this throughout their lifetime or just for the time being. In getting the labor we follow the same strategy. If your labor is absent then we will help you in providing the labor. Also, we will help you in selecting a labor from the market according to your choice.
3. Comprehensive Services Offered:
Clients are our first priority. We are always there to help you in getting rid of the problems that you are facing right at the moment. We help you in designing the civil work and also help you in getting the right amount for the work that you are doing right now. We understand that it is not possible to provide the monetary values for every common man. At that point, we help them in getting the right estimated value. From tackling the clients to help the civil constructors we are always there to help them. Our board of experienced people is always ready to help you out from any type of civil related at any time.

With over 40 years combined industry experience, we are here to help. Contact Us