About Us


We offer a niche market service within the construction industry, providing complete solutions for businesses throughout Australia.


With over forty years of combined experience, we are dedicated to resolving all sorts of challenges related to the operation of the civil constructional field. Whether the need is to meet up their lack in human capital or to guide them with success in the bidding process or to aid them in taking up some first-time prospective projects—we are there to serve with perfection all ends. The ground rule which we have continued to follow for all these triumphant years is the aspect of comprehending our clients. Along with providing apex-level cognitive and calculative advice for the amplification of their business, our civil estimator team commits the entirety of our attention to our customers’ needs. Contractual professionals can assuredly rely over our service for flawlessly accomplishing their project deadlines and can count upon our suggestions at the time of pursuing new projects or exploring new dimensions.


The distinctiveness of our serviceability is imbibed in our individualistic method of operation. In addition to the evaluation facility, we also offer services such as project management, value-based engineering, civil drafting etc. We believe in decoding our customer’s issues in the method which fits their work fabric. Our civil estimating services strive to customize our facilities as per the client’s need. We make it a point to at first listen and understand the specific customer’s mercantile need and then offer our facility relative to that necessity. Our judicious analytical approach to client’s projects guarantees the one in closing the deal with the best profitable price tag. We blend the novelty of vision with an adept strategy of effective working. Such a procedure makes us fit in rendering productive back up to the civil contractors as when they necessitate it in times of emergency. Once collaborating with us, clients experience the perfect ardors of professionalism and honesty. These two virtues have been our fundamental methods to carve a very distinguished place for us.


No firm is literally ‘small’ or ‘big’ to us—everyone is our prized client. Be it a titan constructional corporation of Melbourne or just a start-up structural venture of Cairns, solutions for each one’s success is there in our store. Maintaining a bond of amity and working at an amicable pace are our methods to gratify our customers. We infuse passion into our professionalism and attempt in enhancing the concord with our clients to that level where they can rely us as a part of their own human resource. Such a procedure makes us fit in rendering productive back up to the civil contractors as when they necessitate it in times of emergency.Maintaining a bond of amity and working at an amicable pace are our methods to gratify our customers.


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Working Together


Our goal is to render the most impeccable output as a service sector firm. Our center of attraction is our tie with the clients and we attach the fundamental significance to it. Operating in accordance with the customer’s desires and being in constant touch with them aids us in accomplishing communal alliances. “To talk, know and work thus” is the mantra of our welcome acceptance in the civil sector.

Strategic Approach

With the brand name of Civil Estimating Solutions, we are devoted in fulfilling both the criterions of independent construction agents as well as of the ventures dedicated to it. Our exquisite methodical way of undertaking projects allows us to make a client of us totally worry-less. From envisioning the blue prints to deciding over the befitting price bids, we cater to all the wants and make our customers reap the best of financial and administrative perks.


A further norm which we avowedly maintain to sustain our long-time reputation is the dimension of customer privacy. Absolute strictness is maintained by us on this ground. Any and all ventures which depend upon us can be assured of 100% safeguard of their commercial credentials which are utilized by us. Our staff is especially streamlined to know the key rules of retaining client secrecy. In the legacy of more than 40 plus years, never have there been any faltering from our side over this aspect. We attach value to our client’s intelligence and protect those, no matter how much transaction with those documents happen. Our skillful way of operating enables us in triumphing at this crucial objective.

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