Civil Estimating

Civil estimating

We take pride in assisting small and large contractors to tackle a range of civil projects.  From large commercial infrastructure to smaller suburban developments, our extensive experience dealing with a range of clients in the civil industry means that our estimates take into account a range of factors including market trends, technological innovations and site specific costing variations.  Our company provides accurate and timely estimates increasing the competitiveness of our clients and promoting future growth in the construction industry

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Civil estimator

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Specialist services include:;

  • Tender programme preparation
  • Master control programming and scheduling
  • Programme analysis including critical path method (CPM)
  • Time, cost and resource utilisation forecasting and capacity analysis
  • Advice on project procurement strategy
  • Extension of time preparation or defence
  • Design and documentation programming and scheduling
  • Offsite work programming and scheduling
  • Trade package programming and scheduling
  • Advice on time related clauses
  • Independent monitoring and reporting
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Providing innovative solutions to the civil industry to deliver better quality and efficient services

Strategic Approach

Utilizing our site experience to focus on the cost driving factors and provide cost and time efficient strategies


Terms to suit you and your business, no long term commitments or lock in contracts.


Protecting our client’s privacy and maintaining trustful relationships


Working together, to build a mutually rewarding long term relationship.

Industry Experts

We have assisted our clients with answering some of the main challenges in this industry

Why select us?

We have aided civil contractors in handling small and large-scale civil estimating services across mining, commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. We assist them to tackle a range of issues bringing an innovative and flexible approach to our estimating service. We have a well-defined methodology and blueprint that enables us to service our clients and meet all demands in a timely, efficient manner.  Just sit back, relax and let us take care of all your estimating requirements, allowing you to focus your attention on where it is needed most

With over 20 years combined industry experience, we are here to help. Contact Us