construction estimating service


Specialist services include:;

  • Tender programme preparation
  • Master control programming and scheduling
  • Programme analysis including critical path method (CPM)
  • ATime, cost and resource utilisation forecasting and capacity analysis
  • Advice on project procurement strategy
  • Extension of time preparation or defence
  • Design and documentation programming and scheduling
  • Offsite work programming and scheduling
  • Trade package programming and scheduling
  • Advice on time related clauses
  • Independent monitoring and reporting
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Providing some solutions for the niche market within the civil industry

Strategic Approach

Enhancing consequences for clients’ human resources, overall productivity and profitability


Business terms, which are quite flexible and it will suit your business without any kind of lock-in contracts or even the long-term commitments


Guarding the client’s privacy as well as preserving transparent as well as honest relationships


Working collaboratively for just building up mutually helpful relationships for the long haul

Industry Experts

We have answered some of the main challenges in this industry for contractors since the years

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The reliability and reputation garnered by us in all these years can chiefly be contributed to the laborious commitment level of the entirety of our staffs and also to our clientele’s satisfaction. Depending solely on the basis of our performance we have outreached to as many nooks of the continent as possible. Each day we try to excel all the more.

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